Creating Interactive Videos & Texts using Free Tech Tools

Room: 106B
Presenter: Liz Lubeskie, Manheim Central School District
Audience: K-6, Intermediate (4-6)

Description: and Actively Learn will be featured during this 50 minute session. Both Actively Learn and EDpuzzle let teachers use technology to give formative assessments to their students. These tools allow educators to make data-driven instruction quicker and easier. EDpuzzle is a free tool that permits teachers to clip, add audio notes or voice overs, ask questions, or give written notes/comments within a video. These videos can be searched through the EDpuzzle database or uploaded. Actively Learn is an online reader that can be modified by the teacher. The educator can insert questions, white out parts that are undesirable, add video or pictures, or even a discussion feed. It has 1st grade to graduate level texts to choose from, both fiction and non-fiction. EDpuzzle and Actively Learn enable the practitioner to create classes and manage student work. Time will be given to create accounts and begin using these tools.


Create an EDpuzzle Account

What is EDpuzzle & how is it used?

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Create an Actively Learn Account

Creating an Assignment in Actively Learn

Creating a class & managing studentsAssigning texts to classes


Liz Lubeskie, Coordinator of Online Learning & Technology Integration

Manheim Central School District

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