Dear Principals and District Administrators,

Thank you so much for your attendance at the STC Conference! Your dedication to learning more about best practices in instructional technology will surely benefit your students, staff, and school community.

Administrators have a direct and profound influence on the success of technology-enhanced initiatives in our schools.
We hope that today, you will be able to focus time on learning more about the tools your students and teachers are using (or hope to use) in their classrooms. We have highlighted a few sessions that may be of interest to you, but please know you are encouraged to attend any and all sessions based on the needs of your school community!

Sessions of interest for administrators include:
Session 1

Helping Your Math Students Retain Key Concepts
Room: 103
Presenter: Jerry, Get More Math
Audience: 6-12, 6-8, 9-12, Leadership

Description: This presentation will focus on how to use the Get More Math practice software to not only check for student understanding on recently taught material, but also instill long-term retention of previously instructed material throughout the entire course. This interactive software "learns" each student through continued use and targets deficiencies in their understanding of key concepts. Students will find success in mathematics while learning the material by truly differentiated means.

Level Up with Google Forms

Room: 106 D
Presenter: Chris McCaffrey
Audience: 6-12, Leadership
Description: Do you have a formative assessment system to make student thinking visible? Does your system support timely changes in your instructional decisions to push, confirm and remediate student understanding? This session will explore numerous ways to assess "for" learning by leveraging Google Forms and Add-ons. Numerous classroom examples will be shared from creating a digital writing journal with a built-in feedback loop to leveraging forms effectively for the math classroom where equations and technology play nicely together.

Preparing Students for an Open-Ended World
Room: 108
Presenter: Andrew Gehman
Audience: 6-12
Description: Problems. We all have them, but somehow we manage to overcome them! How? By learning from them. People learn best when there is a problem to overcome. Individuals excel, teams triumph and Avengers assemble! Come see why and how to implement Problem Based Learning into your class. This includes resources and strategies to turn struggles into meaningful learning!

Session 2

Hybrid of Hybrid Using Menus
Presenter: Jennifer Weneck & Theresa Hartz
Description: Do you struggle with the hybrid rotations and beating the clock? If so, we use a system that allows students to work at their own pace and differentiate instruction using three pathways. Students drive their own learning and achievement. Classroom learning is dynamic, engaging, and contagious. We have found that our students want freedom and this system gives them the flexibility they desire while having fun. It teaches them responsibility and time management in preparation for high school.

STEM Instructional Strategies
Room: 106C
Presenters: Ed Gooch & Rachael Haverstick
Audience: 6-12,Leadership
Description: Interested in gaining a better understanding of STEM teaching and learning? This session will provide participants with an overview of STEM Instructional Strategies and the 4Cs (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication). Participants will leave with tech tool ideas to support STEM learning in the 21st-century classrooms.

Hack Your Makerspace
Room: 108
Presenters: Dr. Corey Hall and Brooke Gerlach
Audience: 6-8
Description: Thinking about creating a Makerspace, but have no idea where to begin, how to fund it, or what to include? How will you entice teachers to encourage the use of the makerspace in their classrooms or curriculum? Will it be a managerial nightmare? If you are a novice or veteran maker, this breakout session is fueled with resources. Come prepared to see/hear resources that will work for you.

Session 4

Back to the Future: The 4 C's of Future Ready Schools
Room: 106 C
Presenter: KC Testerman
Audience:6-12, 6-8, 9-12, Leadership
Description: "Roads? Where we're going we don't need...roads!" We are headed on a journey through creation, creativity, collaboration, and critical-thinking tools. Ever wonder about Nearpod? What about FlipGrid or Edshelf? Our trip will take you through all of this and more with a hands-on demo of selected open or low-cost Tech Tools and walk away with an amazing list of tools to use tomorrow.

Personalized Exploration of Google Docs and Google Slides
Room: 107
Presenters: Beth Hartranft and Shelly Chmil
Audience:6-12, Leadership
Description: This interactive session will give attendees an opportunity to explore the different features of Google Docs and Google Slides through a hyperdoc format. This self-paced, personalized approach to learning will provide you with valuable resources that can be shared with students or staff.

The Station Rotation Model in the Math Classroom
Room: 102
Presenters: Lindsay Ehrat & Samantha Ruane
Audience:6-12, 6-8, 9-12
Description: The Station Rotation Model addresses the enrichment and acceleration of advanced learners, as well as effective teaching with technology in a mathematics classroom. This model includes three differentiated stations: direct instruction, online learning, and collaboration. All three stations can be differentiated to meet the needs of all students. For instance, a teacher may utilize a direct instruction station to remediate a group who did not show mastery on a formative assessment. If students demonstrated mastery, the direct instruction station will be altered to accelerate students. Moreover, each station can provide remediation, enrichment, or acceleration depending on the students' needs.

Tips Tricks and Shortcuts:
Room: 106D
Presenter: Daniel Kaufmann
Audience: 6-12, Leadership
Description: Do you find yourself spending too much time in the classroom before or after school? Join me during this interactive session as we explore 100+ tips, tricks, and shortcuts to use in YouTube, Google Chrome, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, and Slides. Once mastered, these skills will save you seconds, even minutes, each day. Try it today: <ctrl>+<shift>+<t> to restore a closed tab

Using Mutlimedia as Mentor Text
Room: 106
Presenter: Kelly Galbraith
Audience: 6-12
Description: Increasingly, more and more news and academic texts are born digital, requiring that readers closely examine the multimedia text features and how they enhance the written word. In this session participants will explore a multimedia, Pulitzer Prize winning piece from the New York Times to begin analyzing author's craft and consider how students can create multimedia texts of their own.