Session 1: 10:00 - 10:50am

Session Descriptions

Adam Bellow Q & A Meet and Greet
Room: 101
Presenter: Adam Bellow
Audience: 7-12, Leadership

STEM Mini-Lessons to Engage and Assess
Room: 102
Presenter: Allen Prendergast
Audience: 6-12
Description: Using STEM resources provided by the NHL and EVERFI, students can learn and reinforce math concepts, science and engineering practices, and career exploration through interactive online resources. Once students have logged on to the resources, they learn from experts while applying abstract concepts to real-world application through a game like environment. Leaving this session, you will have your own account to access the resource, offline lessons, and collect student data from built in pre and post assessments.

Helping Your Math Students Retain Key Concepts
Room: 103
Presenter: Jerry, Get More Math & Donald Spangler, Lampeter-Strasburg High School
Audience: 6-12, 6-8, 9-12, Leadership
Description: This presentation will focus on how to use the Get More Math practice software to not only check for student understanding on recently taught material, but also instill long-term retention of previously instructed material throughout the entire course. This interactive software "learns" each student through continued use and targets deficiencies in their understanding of key concepts. Students will find success in mathematics while learning the material by truly differentiated means.

Station Rotation Model - Holding Students Accountable and Streamlining the Process
Room: 104
Presenter: Andrew Raudensky & Keith Royer
Audience: 6-12
Description: In this session, participants will experience rotational model. Whole group Direct station will be followed by Independent and Collaborative stations to explore tools and apps discussed. You will have "independent" time to get hands-on using apps and tool, while others will participate in a collaborative (Social Studies) digital BreakoutEDU. Some of the tools we will highlight are Student-Paced Pear Deck mode,, EdPuzzle, and Digital BreakoutEDU.

Slip and Slides Your Way to Learning
Room: 106AB
Presenter: Matt Bergman
Audience: 6-12
Description: Teachers often use Google Slides as a presentation tool; however, there are so many more features and strategies that can be used in learning. Learn strategies for using Google Slides to increase engagement, strengthen understanding, develop important skills, and transform learning.

Flipgrid: Motivating Students through Video Responses and Discussion
Room: 106C
Presenter: Michelle Rennix
Audience: 6-12
Description: Flipgrid is a free website and app that teachers can use to collect video responses and promote classroom discussions. Flipgrid also offers Global Grid Connections, which connects classrooms around the world. The presentation will cover creating an account, creating grids and topics, how students post responses, and suggestions for different uses in the classroom.

Level Up with Google Forms
Room: 106D
Presenter: Chris McCaffrey
Audience: 6-12, Leadership
Description: Do you have a formative assessment system to make student thinking visible? Does your system support timely changes in your instructional decisions to push, confirm and remediate student understanding? This session will explore numerous ways to assess "for" learning by leveraging Google Forms and Add-ons. Numerous classroom examples will be shared from creating a digital writing journal with a built-in feedback loop to leveraging forms effectively for the math classroom where equations and technology play nicely together.

Individualized Learning for High School
Room: 106E
Presenter: Mark Mazak
Audience: 6-12, Leadership
Description: Accucess is an adaptive, diagnostic 6-HS program that creates a customized learning path for each student. This tool will identify the strengths and weaknesses for each student and create targeted, adaptive instruction that is aligned to your goals, paced to your students’ needs and structured to give students control over their own educational journey. 

Learning Analytics: Using Assessment for Learning to Inform Instructional Design
Room: 107
Presenter: Dr. Laura McCusker
Audience: 6-12, 6-8, 9-12, Leadership
Description: The key condition for ‘learning how to learn’ by students is the development and support of teacher learning, from research and working with other teachers to plan, implement, and evaluate new ideas. In this 3-in-1 technology-integrated, differentiated session, participants address their need(s): administering formative assessment, providing meaningful student feedback, and/or using student data to inform instructional design. Given presenter-led discussion, non facilitated resources, and collaboration time, participants will leave the session with a dashboard of formative assessment data, and/or having shared feedback with students, and/or a variety of student grouping rotations to use within current classes.

Problem Based Learning: Preparing Students for an Open-Ended World
Room: 108
Presenter: Andrew Gehman
Audience: 6-12
Description: Problems. We all have them, but somehow we manage to overcome them! How? By learning from them. People learn best when there is a problem to overcome. Individuals excel, teams triumph, and Avengers assemble! Come see why and how to implement Problem Based Learning into your class. This includes resources and strategies to turn struggles into meaningful learning!