Session 2: 11:05-11:55am

Session Descriptions

Learning with Adam Bellow
Room: 101
Presenters: Adam Bellow
Audience: 7-12, Leadership
Description: Breakout EDU : Learning Inside the Box is a session that looks at the immersive educational gaming platform, Breakout EDU. Explore a bit about the culture of gamification and gaming in the classroom as well as the pedagogy and learning baked into Breakout EDU games. This is a great session for those that don't know much about Breakout EDU or would like to here a more in-depth view of how running escape-room style games in the classroom can bring fun and excitement into any classroom.

How Do We Prepare Them for the Future?
Room: 102
Presenters: Allen Prendergast, EVERFI
Audience: 6-12
Students can successfully sing a credit score jingle or apply for a Target credit card but do they know how their credit score can affect them down the road? Did you know that students' perception of finances begins way before they enter high school? Though EVERFI's college/career readiness online resources, students are encouraged to practice filling out a FAFSA and credit card application while experiencing all the possibilities of their choices through real-world simulations. Teachers, counselors, and administration will leave this session with access to several digital resources, interest inventories, and opportunities for scholarships. Give students skills they will continue to use throughout their life.

Games with Google Earth Room: 103Presenters: Jennifer Scudder, State College Area School DistrictAudience: 6-12Description:Google Earth is now available for all devices through the Chrome browser. Discover ways to integrate this tool into classrooms by creating scavenger hunts, find the trail games, and more.

Hybrid of Hybrid Using Menus
Room: 104Presenters: Jennifer Weneck & Theresa Hartz, Manheim Central School DistrictAudience: 6-12Description:Do you struggle with the hybrid rotations and beating the clock? If so, we use a system that allows students to work at their own pace and differentiate instruction using three pathways. Students drive their own learning and achievement. Classroom learning is dynamic, engaging, and contagious. We have found that our students want freedom and this system gives them the flexibility they desire while having fun. It teaches them responsibility and time management in preparation for high school.

10 Ways Google Forms Can Transform Your Classroom
Room: 106ABPresenters: Matt Bergman, Milton Hershey SchoolAudience: 6-12Description:Our classrooms have become increasingly mobile, which has increased the need to find device agnostic tools that are both effective and engaging. Google Forms is a powerful resource, which allows you to transform the way you assess students, differentiate learning, build community, and engage all students. Join Matt Bergman as he shares with you the basics of using Google Forms, the power of Add-Ons, and 10 ways Google Forms can transform your classroom!

STEM Instructional Strategies
Room: 106C
Presenters: Ed Gooch & Rachael Haverstick, IU13
Audience: 6-12, Leadership
Interested in gaining a better understanding of STEM teaching and learning? This session will provide participants with an overview of STEM Instructional Strategies and the 4Cs (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication). Participants will leave with tech tool ideas to support STEM learning in the 21st century classrooms.

The First 10 Minutes of Math Class - Setting the Hook
Room: 106D
Presenters: Daniel Kaufmann, Wilson School District
Audience: 6-12, Leadership

Think back to a recent lesson. What were students doing in the beginning of class? Were they engaged? Were they collaborating, communicating, and thinking critically? Was their curiosity piqued? During this session, participants will discuss ways to engage all students and discover a plethora of flexible tools to utilize.

Symbaloo Learning PathsRoom: 106E
Presenters: Lauren Bomberger, Manheim Central School District
Audience: 6-12
During the previous school year, I created a virtual learning path using the website "Symbaloo." These learning paths were geared toward exploratory learning at all levels and allowed students to master concepts at their own pace. They also involve higher order technology that both engages and challenges students.

Inspiring Creativity in the 21st Century Classroom=

Room: 107

Presenters: Toni Martindell
Audience: 6-12
Description: Sir Ken Robinson defines creativity as having new ideas that have value. How do we inspire our young learners to think outside of the box and create in a digital environment? In this interactive session, participants will discuss the importance of creativity in the 21st century and explore tools and strategies to support creativity and innovation in the secondary environment.

Exploring Math with Desmos: Cultivate Deep Student Understanding

Room: 108
Presenters: Chris McCaffrey
Audience: 6-12
Are you looking to level up your own Desmos game? Learn to use Desmos, a powerful, intuitive online graphing calculator, to foster inquiry and collaboration. This workshops embraces student creation through hands-on, collaborative activities, and will also include numerous tips & tricks to integrate technology more effectively into the secondary math classroom.